About Gugak FM

The Gugak FM specializes in promoting traditional Korean music (Gugak) through a public radio station under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Founded on March 2, 2001, the aim of the Gugak FM is to contribute to the cultural welfare and development of traditional Korean culture and arts within communities through promotional, awareness and educational endeavors.

As the only broadcasting radio station that specializes in Gugak, the Gugak FM operates several FM radio broadcasting channels that service the Korean peninsula. In addition, the Gugak FM also produces various broadcasting programs and video content related to traditional Korean music.

The main functions and roles of Gugak FM are as follows:

Main functions and roles

  1. 1. Produce and operate a Gugak FM program and business
  2. 2. Provide opportunities for Gugak performances and recordings, as well as conduct and support public relations activities
  3. 3. Research, create, and educate communities via various Gugak projects with the goal of popularizing traditional Korean music
  4. 4. Promote and supply traditional Korean culture and arts via various projects
  5. 5. Revitalize local cultures through various projects
  6. 6. Support projects for exchanging domestic and foreign Gugak programs and traditional Korean culture and arts.